Transport Ups and Downs

So – from today we can use our Pay As You Go Oysters on the clippers, which gets us a 10% discount on the fare. I’m really pleased about this – it joins up the transport system much better even if it doesn’t follow through that the Clipper counts on the daily travelcard-capped fare which would have been the ideal outcome (of course…) You can find more details here.

Even more useful for those of us who use the Southeastern trains, we’ll soon be able to use our PAYG Oysters on the main lines too – the machines which were shipped in several months ago will, apparently, be turned on on the 2nd Jan 2010. I guess it remains to be seen whether we still get to have actual human beings in the stations after the demand for paper tickets drops…

Where I’m also less clear is what the hell’s happening with Southeastern’s new timetable. We’ve been warned that we’d get no through trains to Charing Cross in the new edition but from my (albeit brief – I hate reading timetables online – must get a proper paper one from the station – if there’s a human there, of course…) perusal of the new version, there do still seem to be the odd one or two through trains. I know nothing about what’s going on there.

I’m going to test out my Oyster on the Clipper ASAP. I’ll report back.

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