Sometimes it takes a ‘foreigner’ to spot something we haven’t noticed ourselves. Mark of Ealing asks:

“In the middle of Greenwich market, suspended from the ceiling was a clock, which I wish I had taken a picture of. Anyway, the clock is not there any more and has been missing for maybe two years or more. It can’t take that long to repair a clock so I was wondering if it has gone walkies and never to come back. What do you think?”

You know – I do remember that clock – albeit very vaguely; I try not to look at that roof if I can help it, though the swags they hang from it at Christmas are always rather jolly – and I went through my photos (no easy task now they’re all in random files after a bit of a computer disaster) and I can’t find any pictures of the mystery four-sided timepiece, which in my mind has classic Big-Ben style faces and a lot of black and gold. I even asked a few people if they had any pictures too and – nix. No one appears to have captured this piece of Greenwich ephemera.

I seem to remember it as being rather grand, but other people remember it as being a bit of a dodgy kit-clock affair. Since we’re all so vague about it, I’m asking you guys. Do you remember this feature? Was it a paragon of master clock-makery or a bit of a cuckoo? Anyone got a photo? And do any of you know what happened to it?

Nice swags, but no clock…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i took the clock down bout 3yrs ago now, it belonged to a local company. it was just a cheap electric 1 that plugged in. with plastic case. im glad its gone