The Pitfalls Of Potholes

Two things have got me thinking in the last few days. The first was my nearly getting run over my some mad cyclist charging, hell for leather, along a very narrow bit of pavement, and shouting at me for being in the way, the second was our very own Stevie going arse-over-tit in one of Evelyn Street’s finest potholes. “I was sent over the handlebars only then to collide with a obstinate bus stop,” he says.

His note to me was really to thank the six cyclists who stopped and the people at the bus stop who also helped with tissues, baby wipes “and a very timely plaster from a young man called Greg,” and to apologise if he bled on anyone.

He reassures me that “the gash to my forehead was really not so bad as it would have appeared and the kindly Helen at Lewisham Hospital was able to glue it up rather than resorting to stitches,” but it’s got me to thinking.

I don’t think my crazy pavement-monger and Stevie’s accident are unrelated. Greenwich and Lewisham councils aren’t by any means the only councils that have whopping great potholes all over the main roads, but that doesn’t absolve them from not addressing them.

I’m told that the big routes into town are utterly riddled with disasters waiting to happen, and that’s driving some people onto the pavements, ready to knock down unsuspecting Phantoms.

I wonder – with all these new ‘Greenwich clean-up’ teams that Greenwich Time newspaper shamelessly bigs-up every bloomin’ week , can’t some of the cheery guys in turquoise sweatshirts be promoted to being a dedicated pothole filling gang?

They could target the main roads, that get used by hundreds of cyclists, (at quiet times, natch, – i.e. not rush hour) and fill ‘em in quickly, bish-bosh, tidy job guv. I’m not really looking for perfection here – just a relatively smooth lane for people to ride in so that they might be tempted off the pavement and out of my way.

Surely the money they’d not have to fork out in court settlements, not to mention the savings the NHS would make on sticky plasters would pay for it?

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