The Advent of Advent

Out a-haunting last night, I spotted the cherry-pickers out in force, putting up this year’s Christmas lights. None of the upside-down squiggles of last year, jolly as they were, this year’s look to be globes of festivity. It all seemed to be going quite well; I reckon it will all be in place for Friday’s big switch on.

The usual minimalist Christmas Tree will brighten up the windswept gloom on Cutty Sark Gardens – its simple maypole of fairy lights is a winner for me (I know not everyone likes it.)

I didn’t get a pic as it was still in pitch darkness, but I did briefly pass it as I wanted to get a nosey at the River Bar and Grill, which I’ve heard rumour is opening this weekend.

The bar area is definitely in place and there are some chairs and tables in random-ish sort of arrangements, though there’s also still some scaffolding up there. I can’t get any more information as I have searched in vain for any kind of email/website for the place, though if the food and atmosphere work, this could be a stunning venue, especially in the summer months.

I remember a long while back that Kieron who’s behind all this, promised to invite Phantom readers to the opening. I can’t email you Kieron – but you know where I am – and we’re all gagging to know what this place is going to be like (hint, hint…)

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