Roast Update

Tina’s been moaning that the old discussion about Sunday roasts and where to find the best ones is a bit creaky these days, being over two years old, so I thought that I’d reopen the debate at a time of year when we’re all looking for that cosy lunchtime feast.

I confess I’m still with the Plume of Feathers. It’s cosy, friendly and I like the food. I guess it’s the one I end up at most often.

The Vanbrugh is another Phantom pick – while it took me several attempts to eat there (difficult to explain why I walked in and walked out again several times) but once I did, I really enjoyed it. I’d give you a link, except it’s not working – is there something I don’t know?

I’ve been hearing good things about the roasts at the Pelton Arms (or the Nag’s Head – it’s still wearing its Only Fools… badge of honour) I’ve only been there for a drink – though there was an enormous cheeseboard out on one of the tables for guests to graze. It’s cosy (a bit too cosy if you fall for the lure of the fabulous comfy chairs by the real fire – when a place is too hot for me, it’s too hot…)Jo – note – they have live bands.

Inside still has a fine Sunday lunch, though the jury seems to be out on the new sister pub at the Guildford, now the lovely French couple have gone – seems to me that the food’s okay, but the atmosphere’s a bit on the stark side, and, while I can cope with minimalist in restaurants, I want my pubs to be cosy.

The Union has just been refurbished – I haven’t been yet but I know a whole bunch of you have. Maybe you can update me (No – not you, Rod, you could be a tad biased…)

Another place I haven’t been to for a long while is Greenwich Inc’s Trafalgar Tavern – it’s the place I take difficult relatives for an all-purpose Sunday roast – you know the kind of relative – the sort who want a feel of ‘Olde Greenwich’ – it’s perfectly okay.

But I guess the place we all have our beady eye on is the new Wood Wharf River Bar and Grill Restaurant. It’s had a rocky ride to opening – promising dates that are always a couple of months ahead. I have heard that it really is going for a late November opening. I’ll find out the exact details and report back, guys.

In the meanwhile – let’s hear your favourite Sunday lunchtime venues…

One Comment to “Roast Update”

  1. Anna says:

    The Vanbrugh Sunday lunch is most definitely the current local leader. Not cheap, but very good quality, cheery service and a great vegetarian option. Plume of Feathers have ditched the ‘off menu’ veggie sausages for a mushroom tart (bit of a shame) and Pelton Arms was not overly child-friendly when we tried it.