Our Mutual Friend

Has anyone here ever managed to battle their way through this? I bought it some time ago, really, really meaning to read it and have, so far been thwarted. It just seems so disjointed – much more so than other Dickens works. Maybe that’s because the choppiness didn’t show when it was in the Victorian newspapers in serial form, but I’m having problems with it now. I know that Bella Wilfer gets married at the Trafalgar Tavern blah-de-blah, but I just can’t get into it.

Radio Four is coming to my rescue though. They’ve adapted it to a drama serial, and it’s on Woman’s Hour (and 7.45pm for those of us who are out)every day this week. If you miss any of it you’ll be able to find it here, but don’t hang about – it only lasts for seven days after broadcast date.

I really hope I’ll manage to last the course this time. Otherwise I’ll just have to give up, as I confess I have done with Sir Walter Scott’s execrable Fortunes of Nigel, (yes, it’s really called that) which is, apparently, partially set in Greenwich, but, with large sections of it written phonetically in faux Scots ‘braw-bricht-moonlicht-nicht-the-nicht’ brogue is, IMHO, unreadable, even if it does have a pretty cover…

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