Music Lovers Unite

Jo is thinking of starting “a regular meeting of local musicians, to chat about music and potentially form new bands,” and is wondering if there’s interest for such a thing in Greenwich.

I guess it might initially follow a similar pattern to the book group that Kirstie set up back in the summer – send me an email if you’re interested and I’ll pass it onto Jo. She intends to set up a Facebook group (which counts me out – I don’t do Facebook – It’s now become a matter of principal – so can’t actually get onto any groups…) and possibly a regular meet-up – I don’t know (and I suspect she doesn’t either) the precise format of what will come out of that first meeting – so it could be very interesting.

She also asks about potential venues around Greenwich. I have to say they are not as many as they used to – the coming of Greenwich Inc saw off a lot of the little venues I used to go to and the recession has seen off some others.

Oliver’s in Nevada Street is a must-check-out – Olivier himself has eclectic taste – so it’s always worth a go. I’ve noticed a (tiny) stage in the Auctioneer, and I’m sure Scared of Chives told me about an open mic night at The Mitre (which I haven’t been to yet, shame on me…) The university might have some options – or they may keep to themselves. Deptford and New Cross have a lot of venues that change on a regular basis.

But I’m probably not the best person to ask – I’m sure people here know more than I do.

Email me if you’re interested in starting a Phantom Music Group with Jo and I’ll pass it on…

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