Latest On Restell Close Footpath

Not great news on this, folks, unless you’re planning on buying a place in the gated community of Seren Park (soon to declare independence and start printing their own postage stamps, I understand…)

Michael, our man in Tom Smith Close, who has his ear to the ground, tells me there’s been a tiny bit of movement from South Eastern but not in any really useful way for local people. He says:

“The essence is that South Eastern have said that they see no reason why the pathway can’t be reinstated as long as the cost issues for Oyster readers and security can be addressed (which Seren Park, I am sure, are more than happy to pay for!) So, with the details yet to be formally agreed it looks as though early next year the new shortened, more direct path will be opened under the lock and key of Seren Park residents.

However, I understand from long-standing residents that there has never been ‘official’ access for non-Restell Close residents and that it has never been a public footpath, so it still looks unlikely that a short cut will be possible from Vanbrugh Hill, to the disappointment of many I am sure.”

Me too, Michael. So, guys, if you’re dragging a pram up and down the hill and two sets of stairs at Maze Hill, or pushing a wheelchair all the way round Woodlands Park Avenue to get to the station via Tom Smith Close, don’t expect to lose those extra muscles you’ve gained any time soon…

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