Greenwich Book Place At Last

Remember the long saga of 258 Creek Road? We visited it again and again and again and again and once again. In fact I’m quite surprised at myself – I thought I’d only talked about it once or twice.

Well, after yesterday’s moan about the possible loss of a truly historic and curious building, I bring you the good news that another – well, at least old-ish – building has been saved. It may not have even the beginnings of the kind of importance that the Rotunda has but it’s David Herbert’s home and he’s finally had the right thing done by him.

I’ve been watching the scaffolding turn into proper, standing-up walls over the past few months and now Sridevi tells me:

“I was walking home today from Cutty Sark DLR station today, when I noticed that the Greenwich Books and Gallery was open! It’s been shuttered for so long and it used to have the scaffolding all around it, that I thought it was abandoned.”

Sridevi went in and was impressed with the selection (the last time I went in, I got the feeling that things were definitely being run-down, so it sounds like it’s now worth a peek…) Sridevi tells me “they now plan to keep the shop open regularly from mid-day onwards till 6-7pm, no fixed hours yet. They want to see if they get any customers, if its worth opening the shop.

I do think people should go and check it out- they had such lovely looking really-old books and prints, many first-editions, the kind of hard-back books that look so gorgeous on the bookcase and give the thrill of reading once more a treasured book that has passed through many gentle hands over time!”

I couldn’t have put it better myself, Sridevi. Sounds like we have a ‘new’ Greenwich secondhand bookshop – and that can never be a bad thing.

Incidentally – in case you haven’t been following yesterday’s post about the Rotunda, it’s occurred to me that we could possibly suggest that its preservation be part of the Woolwich Olympics legacy (seems as good as any…) – there is a list of useful people to pester on the comments section…

David Herbert, triumphant at last…

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  1. Sat says:

    A brilliant historical record