Was it me, was it the new fenced-off corralling system or were there just loads more people than ever up at the Fireworks last night? Not that it’s a major problem – the heath can take ‘em all and it was all a very good natured affair as far as I could see (save for the hatchet-faced driver hooting angrily and trying to barge through the crowds afterwards that everyone seemed to be taking great delight in ignoring, tee hee…)

I have to say that once it all got started (I still don’t get why it was 15 minutes late – it’s not like it was a last-minute thing) I thought it was one of the best Blackheath whizz-bang fests I’ve seen. And, at 20 minutes, about the right length too – half an hour might have gone on a bit. It seemed a bit tucked over to the east of the heath – happily for me, exactly where I was, so nice clear skies for me – but I did feel a bit sorry for anyone further east who must have just got a load of smoke.

They had several sorts I’d never seen before – I liked the single fireworks that exploded into hundreds of tiny little blue fairies, but my faves were the daisy/flying saucer-like starbursts that seemed to be at loads of different angles. Stevie, as you can see, was busy snapping.

Didn’t make it? Here’s the finale, courtesy of Michael, complete with the slightly odd little coda afterwards….

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