Dream Home By The Dome

Dazza saw this in Friday’s Metro and thought it might raise a giggle. He says:

“Don’t know how long Tarves Way has been ‘next to the O2 Arena’ or ‘Two minutes from Canary Wharf on the Jubilee Line’ or indeed ‘Next to North Greenwich Station’. Funnily enough, when I checked their website, they have nothing listed for Greenwich. Maybe it’s listed under Wandsworth!”

In case you’re still puzzled, Tarves Way is here. BTW I’m assuming that the headline should have an ‘if’ at the beginning – unless the Greenwich Peninsula really is that exclusive…

2 Comments to “Dream Home By The Dome”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If I'll be given a chance to to choose where I want to live..Definitely I'll choose Greenwich Peninsula!!The place is awesome!!But I think its too impossible for me to live at that place…Hahaha!!Very expensive!!

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  2. Guillaume says:

    I live in tarve way and i never see any dome! Lol