Don’t Deck The Halls

Okay – so what the hell’s going on here then? This used to be a quiet little corner of native hedgerow – hawthorn, holly, elder etc. between the craziness of the A106 roundabout and the choc-a-blockness of the Sainsbury’s petrol station.

I’m guessing someone went to the trouble (and expense) of planting it at some point, since I doubt there was much left over after various developers had had their two-penn’orth. Someone who had clearly deliberately chosen the shrubs for their indigenousity (is that a word? If it isn’t it should be…) – presumably to encourage wildlife and gladden the hearts of the approaching shopper.

Whenever I walked by it seemed to have worked – it was full of squabbling birdies (and yeah, okay, a few crisp bags) and was a nice little bit of eco-greenery in such polluted mayhem.

I don’t recall this being in any way in the sightlines of anyone – car, van or pedestrian – it was behind a wooden fence and well off the road. But when I walked by yesterday morning, I saw these guys – hacking off the mature shrubs with about as much skill as Jack Ketch. Even if they don’t get some kind of horrid disease, I doubt these hedges will be troubling the minds of plant-haters for some time.

Still – it’s not all bad – at least I get to enjoy the broken stumps – and to look at the glory that is the queues at the petrol station. I mean – who’d want to look at greenery when they can enjoy Sainsbury’s?

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