Step Carefully

Kelly asks:

“This may seem a bizarre question, but do you or anyone else know of who would be able to replace or remodel our front steps? We live in a tall Georgian/Victorian house which has concrete steps leading from the front door down to the front path over the basement area. The steps have become quite worn over the years, to the point where we are reluctant to walk down the steps in winter!

If anyone could provide the name of a company so we can start getting quotes, I would be most grateful.”

I’m not even sure what kind of specialist would do such a thing. There are companies who replace/ repair those rather wonderful encaustic paths that lead up to so many properties in Greenwich, but for replacing stone steps – hmm.

One of these companies, London Victorian Mosaic restoration claims to do steps, but from the pics it just looks like they build them up and cover them with tiles. They also claim York stone steps, but again, from the pics they don’t look wildly exciting. It would be best to ask them exactly what they can do for you as they do seem to specialise in replacing tiles.

But there are bloomin’ dozens of stone-stepped Georgian/Victorian houses round here (some of which seem to have similar crunbly problems…) Maybe someone’s already done this legwork?

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