Post Now For Christmas

So – Royal Mail are on strike as from today. I confess I’m a bit surprised – my mail’s been all over the place for the last couple of weeks, I thought they were already striking. But the union are warning that we should be posting now for Christmas if we actually want any cards to arrive.

Of course – it’s just propaganda – but a good excuse for me to talk about these fabbo Christmas cards Katie’s just told me about. I know – this should really be in the Parish News section (check out the lovely exhibition coming up at Bearspace there, BTW) but I love ‘em and it’s my blog so there.

There are six versions – designed by FT cartoonist Banx – all based on local landmarks and produced by local printers. He’s designed them for the Meridian Primary School (he’s got two daughters there) – and all proceeds go to the school.

I’ve got a feeling that these are going to become collector’s items (a bit like the utterly fabulous cards issued by the 1970s Greenwich District Hospital (friends?) that feature an artist’s impression of the ‘iconic’ building in full, living Grey – if you are the proud possessor of one you’ll know what I mean…)

So – how do you get hold of these Banx cards? Well, there’s the rub. There’s a website where you can buy all six for £3 via Paypal, or you could contact Katie herself – but then of course you will have to wait for them to arrive – by post. Still – we have a couple of months – they might just make it…

Actually, I just noticed that if you’re in the SE10 area, they’ll deliver ‘em by hand – for free…

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