Maze Hill Pathways

A lot of people have been asking about the ex-pathway on the south side of Maze Hill station where the new Seren Park development has been built. It’s been closed ever since the hoardings went up and I’ve been regularly asked when it’s opening again.

Well, Michael, who lives in Tom Smith Close, has just got back from a meeting with Seren Park developers, Network Rail and Greenwich councillors and thought we’d like an update. His report will prove for anyone who thought that South Eastern don’t give a damn about community relations (read ‘customers’) that you’re absolutely right.

He writes:

“Seren Park’s land was purchased to include permission to reinstate direct access to the platform using the narrow short path in between the allotments and Tom Smith Close. The pathway is all owned by Network Rail and used to be much longer and previously ran alongside the platform but has been amalgamated with the platform itself a little while ago.

Agreement was made with Connex (South Eastern’s predecessors) to grant the access gate and for Seren park to meet all associated costs. But South Eastern are not interested despite all efforts by the developers to make contact and offer both recompense and upkeep generously.

Us residents (of Tom Smith Close- TGP) support the developers on this issue because we don’t want people attempting to break down barriers and turn our cul-de-sac into a walk-through – we have minimal pavements and this would cause litter, disturbance, noise and security issues for a predominantly elderly populace. South Eastern don’t want any additional hassle and want to avoid additional access points to their stations.

Unless South Eastern change their minds, the access won’t be reinstated and permanent barriers will have to be erected by Network Rail, the council and developers to secure their respective boundaries and force Seren Park residents to the long way round. The privacy of Tom Smith Close and security of the allotments will be fought for ! (there has never been any kind of accessway through the cul-de-sac and it’s one of our car parks).”

So – there you have it. And just in case those of you who hump prams, wheelchairs, shopping trolleys or small children the long way round from Vanbrugh Hill/Humber Road etc. think there’s any kind of chink of hope in this bleak news, read on…

“Also, note that the access was only ever to be exclusive to Seren Park with keyfobs and special security gates,” says Michael, “I think newly moved in residents are going to be disappointed at South Eastern and will want to take issue with the developers for unintentionally misleading them about this ‘direct access’ – could be expensive for them !

This issue has been debated constantly for the past few years and South Eastern have had a tactic of avoidance and failed to show up at every opportunity and meeting.”

So – yes – give up now on ever seeing this useful path ever reinstated for anyone who can’t afford the ridiculous prices at Seren Park (even the ‘affordable’ ones require people to have incomes far higher than the average wage) but even if you can manage the squeakingly high prices of the new development, get used to that hike around the north side, eh…

3 Comments to “Maze Hill Pathways”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do we have any updates yet? I'm one of the Seren Park residents and all here want the path reopened.

    I have one of the apartments at the front of the development so there are slight concerns of late-night noise and litter (of which there is a LOT behind the fence that surrounds the station – any chance they'll clean that up at any time?) but am personally happy to tolerate that to avoid the 10min walk round just to end up 20m from my front door!

  2. Bini says:

    Neither residents of Tom Smith Close nor Seren Park want their roads used as a public walk-through really, but everyone at SP and beyond, especially buggy/wheelchair users, would benefit greatly from access. I heard from SP developers (informally) in Jan that access would be opened at the end of summer 2010 when construction is expected to finish. Don’t know if that still holds, and don’t know whether that means access to Tom Smith Close or the platform?

  3. titaba says:

    Hi. We are thinking of buying a flat in Seren Park and as we have 2 young kids we would greatly benefit from a) direct access to the platform and b) a pathway via Tom Smith Close for quick access to Greenwich Park. What are the latest developments in this respect? Who can we speak to at the council to get more detail on this? Thanks!