James Wolfe Memorials

John asks:

“Could you let me know please if you know of a photo/pic of General Wolf’s tomb in St Alfege’s Church crypt. I have just missed the annual tour last week. But I would like to see a photo of his tomb. I used to go to James Wolfe School in 1956-9. I wonder if you can see above ground in the crypt or is it out of sight beneath the ground and that is why there is not a photograph of it ?”

The Phantom is mighty cross at missing the annual tour of the crypt. I was only peering through the gaps in the doors down below a few days ago and wondering if it ever opened. Bah. Stupid me for not enquiring earlier. Now I’ll have to wait a year.

The Independance Breakfast Club, a group of local business professionals who meet up at Devonport House every Tuesday morning, went on an outing there and there’s a write up here with a picture of the Wolfe Family tomb.

I did try to find some pictures I know I have of the stained glass window and the plaque to James Wolfe inside the church. Sadly my computer has re-ordered all the files and they are lost somewhere in the ether.

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