Greenwich Farmers Market First Impressions

So – who made it to a very windy East Greenwich Pleasaunce yesterday for the Farmers’ market, then?

I didn’t get to the grand opening of the cafe by the mayor, but I did go to the market itself and for my part I thought it was really rather good.

Much smaller than Blackheath’s version, but with largely different stalls – so you could go to both if you were really into sourcing your food locally. I liked, for instance, that the tomato stall doesn’t have toms that have come all the way from the Isle of Wight (they seemed cheaper too, but that might just be because tomatoes are in season at the moment…)

I also liked the cheese man – and his toasted sandwiches were v. good. I tested two of the Biscuit Man’s cookies – the oatcakey one was good, but the chocolate one was superb (he says he’ll only be there once every three weeks, but he’s worth looking out for.) The sausage stall was doing huge business (I’ve not heard of the Giggly Pig before) and the bread and veg looked fresh and enticing. From what I’ve scoffed of my haul so far, it’s been a success.

I came away with a nice carrier bag of goodies, and a good feeling about this. It didn’t look to me as though any ‘sensitive’ parts of the park had had lorries driven over them or parked on them, and the stalls themselves were all on the paths.

The only real possibilities of objections I can think of might be from the flats behind – but hey – maybe we should wait for objections, rather than just assume them? The residents might really like the fact that the Pleasaunce is possibly more alive now than it has ever been, and not, as far as I can see, to the detriment of its permanent inhabitants.

But that’s just my first impressions. Anyone else here go? What did you think?

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