Faded Greenwich (8)

Charlie discovered this intriguing example of faded Charlton up by the station (which is on the right of this picture.) What’s curious about it is that although at first glance it appears to be just a sign for Barclays Bank, on closer inspection there seems to be at least one other sign either underneath or in addition to the main image.

Which got painted over first – and why didn’t the earlier one get completely removed to make the later one stand out better? It looks as though the Barclays one is the more recent – but surely they could have afforded an extra pot of paint or a scrubbing brush to get rid of the earlier one?

Whatever, it’s a fascinating thing for us now. All I can read of the image below is Lon – London, probably. I have no idea what the rest would have been. Any ideas?

Of course, below both of them is a more recent example of Faded London. I was reading a fascinating theory by Iain Sinclair recently about grafitti – that it has evolved in the way that some might argue art has. That the old wall-length murals that we used to see in the 80s and early 90s was the ‘rococo’ period of the movement, which gradually evolved to the more modern, minimal single-tags we are more likely to see today. Sinclair writes a goodly chapter about it in, if memory serves Lights Out For the Territory, and I would guess that by that theory, this work must be circa Cubism or late Impressionist…or something…

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