Baby Bonfires

Lucy asks:

“We have 2 young kids and while we’d like to take them up to the big Blackheath fireworks display on the 7th, I was wondering if you know of any smaller bonfire + fireworks events around Greenwich? It’s their first time so I’m thinking they would be actually very happy with just a few fireworks rather than a half-hour bombardment!”

The Phantom replies:

It’s possible someone round here knows of a smaller one – but I can’t imagine there will be much going on round here on the 7th itself as no one will be wanting to try to compete with the Big Bang on Blackheath.

If you’re worried that half an hour of what a killjoy friend of mine calls “tawdry whizz-bangs” will be too much, perhaps you could take them over for the last five minutes or so – you get the big finale but not the numb fingers…

Does anyone here know of any small events going on round here, though?

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