The Hobbyist

Off-topic-ish, I know – but I have to tell you about the short that comes with District 9 at the Picturehouse just now.

The Hobbyist had me chuckling all the way through its couple of minutes. Given how grim D9 is, maybe they should show it afterwards, too, to cheer everyone up.

But that’s what I love about the Picturehouse – bringing back the concept of the short as part of an evening’s movie entertainment.

I’m still really impressed with the way the Picturehouse goes that extra hundred miles in comparison to the Odeon and the O2 (and it’s cheaper than the other two local venues too – Seamus (oops sorry Seamus) was telling me that for under-16s it’s £5.50 compared with the Odeon’s £8.50. For the rest of us, Monday night is cheap night at the Picturehouse – £6.50 a ticket or, if a fiver if you’re a member (you are a member, aren’t you..? Unless you are a dedicated film-hater, Picturehouse membership is one of those things you HAVE to have if you live in Greenwich. You save money almost the moment you join…)

Next Greenwich-filmed movie coming up is Dorian Gray, which has ‘average’ reviews, but hey. Sean sent me the trailer, which is littered with Greenwich bits and bobs – and a badly-disguised yellow box.

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