The Guildford

This is turning into a bit of a pubby week.

Peaches asks:

“Does anyone know any more about what’s happening at The Guildford?
The owner Mel left on Monday and the painters are at it already. Rumour has it that the folk behind Inside have taken it over. Anyone know what they’re planning to do? Do hope it’s going to stay as some kind of pub rather than become a ‘proper’ restaurant.”

I am so behind the times that I didn’t realise the owners were going. I’d have made more of an effort to get there before they left – I loved the Guildford.

So of course I have no clue what’s happening to it. I can think of worse fates than being taken over by the guys from Inside though. Any time they want to come and do up The Old Friends, while they’re about it…

If anyone knows, do tell…

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