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I’m visiting territory very recently trod today, folks, which is something I generally try not to do. My excuse is that ever since primary school, the month of September has represented ‘new starts’ to me. Like New Year, September is the month where I make resolutions, begin ambitious projects – and join new things. Probably something to do with the new school term, the moment I find myself crackling through Autumn leaves (as with Benedict’s oh, so telling photo above – when DO we get rid of these bloomin’ roadworks?) I want to get out and start new things.

From my embarrassingly-bulging mailbox (sorry folks – I KNOW there are currently 216 un-dealt-with emails sitting patiently in there…) we have a lot of new residents coming into the area – and after Saturday’s post about the Phantom Book Club, and yesterday’s where Gemma was asking about community spirit, I thought I’d kick off a post about unusual and interesting local groups to join.

I don’t have an encyclopaedic knowledge of local clubs – I could spend ages trawling Google for stuff, but it might be more fun to run this a bit like the Trusted Tradespeople section on the blog – where YOU recommend really good groups and clubs where newbies might get to meet like-minded Greenwichians and were old Greenwichians might find a new lease of life.

I might even collate the results and put it in a useful sidebar if I’m not exhausted after all my New September Resolutions.

I don’t care what the group is, as long as it’s inclusive, and hey – the wackier the better. I’ll give you a few examples.

I was told a long while ago about an unusual exercise group run by Emma at Greenwich West Community Centre on a Tuesday night between 5.30pm and 6.30pm – an adult hula-hoop class.

I’m intrigued by the Meridian Speakers – a bunch of folk who meet at the Spanish Galleon every other week to try to improve their public speaking skills.

I had no idea when Kirstie started her Phantom Book Club that one was already in existence. Maybe they can work together to make sure that they don’t choose the same books – then real fans can join both… For the Greenwich Book Group, email Jenny at For Kirstie’s group email me. And no squabbling, eh, guys?

The South East London Social Networking Meet Up is a group of people who do different things on a regular basis, but who are most definitely NOT a singles club or a lonely hearts.

I am sure the Dame will tell you all about knitting…

There are also much looser groups, like Theatre of Wine’s weekly tastings. You’d have to be a real fan to go every week – but it doesn’t matter which week you go – there’s always a bunch of friendly people(and for the most part non-wine snobs – Daniel doesn’t stand for that kind of thing…) to enjoy a drink or two with.

But that’s enough from me. Tell me about local groups, clubs and things to do that you think are good to join/do.

And while you’re deciding which to join, you can always go to fab one-offs as suggested by the wonderful IanVisits

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