Rear Window (14)

I haven’t done a Rear Window for ages, so I’m especially pleased to bring you Hither Queen’s bedroom window view, in what, from memory, is in Frobisher Street in Maze Hill.

I love the idea that this has been part-pedestrianised, with little seats and tubs of plants – I’m guessing, though I don’t actually know, that this must make the residents feel rather village-y and quaint. It’s certainly not the rat-run that most streets in Greenwich tend to be – or at least not unless you count kiddies on skateboards…

At one end is Maze Hill, and above it, the ‘monstrous’ Seren Park, as Hither Queen calls it (though, hands up, I was expecting far worse, far uglier on that particular development. My only real gripe is that the footpath to the south of Maze Hill Station stays resolutely closed, and I begin to fear that it will now be for the exclusive use or residents, which is a real pain for people with prams or wheelchairs (or Phantoms, who are just lazy) who live on the south side but have to walk all the way round the north to get a few yards away to the south platform.)

At the other end is a charming view of one of the lesser-known Greenwich Almshouses, Hatcliffe.

I’m always interested in nosing through people’s windows, seeing Greenwich as other Greenwichians do – I’d love to peer (in a non-creepy way, natch) through yours. Keep sending ‘em in…

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