Parrot Antiques

Phil asks:

“In November last year, I was having a look in the Stockwell Street Market,in the covered part just off King William Walk. One of the traders wasselling, amongst other things, some nice furniture made from reclaimed Oak.I think they were called Parrot Antiques. The proprietor was a lady called- if I remember correctly – Billy (?!) Having unsuccessfully exhausted Google, I was wondering whether you or any of your readers might know where Parrot Antiques can be found now?”

The Phantom doesn’t know where most of the old traders from the Village market ended up – they all just vanished hours after they were booted off the site. To be honest, I don’t remember a Parrot Antiques – or even furniture made from oak in that area of the place, unless it was the bit just inside from the open market.

It would be helpful to know where all these traders ended up. You never know when you might need a vintage door fitting or an army surplus jacket. The Old Bottle Shop is now in Trafalgar Road, having teamed up (in a most enjoyably unlikely fashion, with a purveyor of ladies underwear) and the vintage clothing shop’s now in the covered market.

But the rest? I just don’t know. The one I’d really like to know about is Beehive Coffee. Are they now these guys? There’s not much info on the website, but the address looks promising.

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