New Season at Greenwich Theatre

I just managed to sit down with my copy of the Greenwich Theatre programme of Autumn events. Of course it’s already started (I’m a bit slow off the mark) but I still reckon it’s worth getting hold of – there are copies of it knocking around all over town.

The big difference I can see in the season is that – frankly bravely, given the financial climate just now – they have decided to start producing plays again, rather than just booking touring shows all the time.

So, alongside the usual small-scale tourers, they’ll be producing a couple of their own plays – cannily chosen to coincide with school syllabuses – and hey, why not since, given that arts funding is at an all-time low thanks to the Olympics, theatres have to find other ways of making sure of an attendance.

Dr Faustus and School for Scandal will be created in rep by a fixed company. I am praying that they’re going to be as good as Greenwich Theatre’s home-grown panto (this year’s offering is Mother Goose – does anyone know what the hell that’s about? Not that it matters – plot is more or less irrelevant in pantomime…) – if the shows are dodgy, the project could falter before it’s even off the ground. But whatever, I intend to go to both – it’s important to support things like this – their survival depends on us.

The rest of the season is similar to the usual GT fare – though, interestingly, I noted that every century between the 16th and 21st is represented by something or other. It’s especially good if you’re a restoration comedy fan – alongside School for Scandal, there’s also a production of She Stoops To Conquer - another brave move if you ask me.

And, of course, at the moment, we have Greenwich Comedy Festival with some massive names as well as some I haven’t heard of (though of course that doesn’t mean they’re not famous – just that I’m a Phantom behind the times.)

I think Autumn’s shaping up just fine…

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