Latest Pub Closure…

…never actually opened. I just read in that Pub In The Park event next weekend has been cancelled. Apparently they didn’t sell enough tickets.

Coincidentally, I was only looking at the flyer this morning wondering whether to go, and, I confess I’d decided not to bother and chucked it out.

Clearly I wasn’t alone. The bands looked okay, but only okay. I can get karaoke at the Ship & Billet of a Saturday night (If that’s what I really, really want…) and sorry – welly-throwing and tug-o’war just didn’t do it for me. Add to that that I don’t drink beer (not a complete kibosh on beer-focused shindigs for me – if the event itself looks interesting I’ll go anyway…) and it just didn’t appeal.

It all looked a bit ‘corporate,’ to me. From what I recall (and I can’t check this now because the site’s changed and the flyer’s gone) it was mainly large beer manufacturers and chains – I don’t recall, for example, Meantime being involved (could be wrong on that) and besides – there had already been one beer festival this year.

I can’t help feeling that the event failed because it pitched itself poorly, so that even friends who are beer drinkers, didn’t really fancy it.

But maybe I’m wrong here. Did you buy tickets and if so, are you gutted? Or rather relieved that you can do something else now?

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