How Chummy Is The Big MQ?

Gemma is thinking of coming to live in Greenwich – but she’s doing some homework first. She says:

“I love Greenwich, we live upriver in Bermondsey at the moment but would dearly love to relocate to Greenwich. We got married at the Trafalgar Tavern earlier this year! Anyway, we have seen a few houses on Millennium Quay and would like some advice from someone that knows the area.

Millennium Quay looks a fab place to live, is it too good to be true? We found a private community message board online, is this utilised? Coming from a strong community in Bermondsey, we were hoping for something similar. Is there a community spirit on the estate? Do people talk to their neighbours? It looks a lovely place to live and we know the town is really friendly, but is the walk back along Creek Road safe?

Would it be a nice neighbourhood to raise a family?”

The Phantom (as even Gemma, who lives outside the area knows) lives up the other end of town, and, as such, knows very little about Millennium Quay other than the creepy statue of Peter the Great and his dwarfish-pal. It looks nice enough, but I don’t hang round there enough to form any kind of opinion on how friendly the folks who live there are.

I did know someone who lived in Basevi Way, who loved it being just a five minute walk to the centre of town, but never mentioned the neighbours, either good or bad, when chatting to me. As to safety at night, (can’t see it being any worse than the town centre – or, for that matter, Bermondsey…) community-spiritedness or internet-savvydom, I’m having to ask you guys. I just don’t know…

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