Trev And Simon’s Ninja Day Off.

Don’t ask me what Captain Manbaps was doing trawling YouTube for Trevor + Simon + Greenwich. That’s worrying enough as it is. What’s even more disturbing is that he actually got a result.

For those fortunate enough not to remember Trevor and Simon, they were an astoundingly unfunny but curiously successful Saturday Morning TV comedy duo, specialising in laugh-free sketches.

Ninja Day Off has them arsing around in Greenwich as two Ninjas living next door to each other.

Good bits:

  • Fabbo 1970s-style soundtrack
  • The Picturehouse in its previous incarnation
  • The duck
  • The foot tunnel
  • The bandstand
  • Stilted, cod-kung-fu dialogue after the final confrontation
  • No Swinging of Pants.

Bad bits:

  • Everything else.

It’s nine minutes of your life you won’t get back, but as the Captain says, it does show tiny snippets of Greenwich 20 years ago…

5 Comments to “Trev And Simon’s Ninja Day Off.”

  1. I left a good-natured response to this post explaining a little more about our time in Greenwich. Seems to have gone. Oh well.

  2. Sorry Simon – nothing personal, I enjoyed your response (and it made me feel quite mean!) Sadly when I changed formats the comments on pretty much all my old posts went AWOL. They still exist somewhere in the ether, but we can’t work out where they’ve gone. It is on the Phantom Webmaster’s list of tweaks to do…

  3. Cheers Phantom,

    I’m glad you liked the duck.

  4. TGP says:

    Actually I just drew you doing your kung fu choppery round the bandstand on a giant hand-drawn map I’m making of the area. Should be finished sometime around the next millennium…

  5. Pant swinger. says:

    Trev & Simon were the funniest stuff on tv. Check the comments on ALL of their youtube videos as proof. Ninja Day Off is just classic.