Sundials (4)

Cor – we haven’t had a Greenwich Sundial for aaaages.

I’ve got no excuse – Benedict sent this to me a very long time before he left these shores, but I was holding out until I’d actually tested the Prince Albert in Royal Hill.

The worst bit is I still haven’t tried it – despite its being a pretty, pretty looking pub (as Benedict says it was “from a time when pubs were really classy”). It just suffers from being one of three pretty pubs in a pretty row on a pretty street, where the two others have their own loyal drinkers.
The Union and the Tolly always seem to draw my attention whenever I’m out that way. There’s no real excuse and I must go into the Prince Albert, even if only for a snoot around.
It looks a bit of a codgers’ pub to me. But what if it is an undiscovered gem that goes unnoticed next to its glamorous neighbours? Besides – there are times when codgers’ pubs are just what’s needed. It seems to make an effort, with its flowers clean exterior. I am making a ticking-off style note to my spectral self now…
But back to the sundial. Weirdly, despite the pub being, I’d guess, late Victorian, this is one of the oldest sundials I know in Greenwich town centre – the ‘time’ connection seems to be a largely 20th century thing. I can’t really see that it’s of much practical value – but who cares when it’s cute?

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