Secret Mosaics

Okay – hands up who’s noticed this before? I have no idea how many times I’ve passed the corner entrance to Borough Hall’s wonderful observation tower and never even looked up at the little art deco gem nestled in the canopy roof.

It’s so perfect for the building, one of the best examples of 1930s civic art about – a mosaic with Classical overtones that bring to mind Roman/Greek/Egyptian styles.

The twelve panels around the outside are, of course, the signs of the zodiac, but inside is where it really becomes ‘Greenwich’ – ships, stars – and a telescope.

On the wall, just below, is a plaque with the details of the building, including the architects, contractors and councillors – but not the artist who designed the ceiling…

Check it out next time you’re passing, folks, but in the meanwhile, I leave you with this wonderfully dramatic shot from Benedict’s collection, of the observation tower. Not that anyone actually gets to observe from it any more, but don’t get me started on that one again…

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