Pizza To Go

James asks a question I would dearly like to know the answer to myself:

“I would like to know if there are any good quality pizza places that will deliver to Greenwich (more specifically, West Greenwich). (East Greenwich, East Greenwich – TGP) We regularly get pizza delivery menus through the door, but they all look pretty awful, and while we can get the usual suspects like Dominos and so forth, I was hoping there might be something a bit more palatable within reach. Is there an authentic Italian place in these parts that will bring us tasty pizzas right to our door?”

The Phantom is desperate for a good pizza, but has never had a single decent one delivered (or collected) in Greenwich. They are all either puffy lumps of sodden dough with a smear of tomato and a smattering of undesirable, inadvisable extras, or sheets of tooth-breaking cardboard with the above toppings. The worst ones of all are those hideous ‘stuffed crust’ affairs, obscenely spurting boiling cheese/unidentified meat goo as they’re cut.

Believe me, I must have tried ‘em all over the years. It’s not like there isn’t any choice, given the dozens of unappealing, shiny flyers that get shoved through my letterbox on a daily basis – but they really are all as bad as each other.

You’d think that one of them might break away from the peleton of puerility and come up with something decent – the Bombay Bicycle Company of Pizzas or something – but they all of them seem content to dish up the very lowest form of bread-based snack they can get away with without being shut down by the council.

I often find myself walking down Trafalgar Road wondering how so many appalling fast food joints of equal hideousness manage to survive (there’s bad food of pretty much every national variety available) – after all, there are surely only so many bored teenagers happy to live on a diet of undercooked chips and anaemic chicken fried in lard and dipped in brown and red slurry. But then given the number of small orange cardboard boxes chucked into gardens, hedges and pavements, I guess I’m wrong.

To be honest, apart from Pizza Express, which if nothing else is of a certain quality, the only other half-way decent pizza I’ve ever had in Greenwich is in the market.

Just Like Mamma’s is an Italian family who have bought a miniature back-garden barbecue pizza oven and set up stall in Greenwich. The pizzas are very enjoyable indeed. Two problems – they don’t deliver (neither, of course, do Pizza Express) and even if you buy one at the market, they’re so popular you have to wait for ages.

This is a question I’m afraid I can’t answer – but would very much like to have answered. Does anyone know anywhere where the pizzas aren’t completely bog-awful?

One Comment to “Pizza To Go”

  1. methers says:

    We tried Pizza Classico last night, and were impressed. It tastes more like real food than the manufactured junk you get from Dominos etc.

    A few notes:

    The website says they won't deliver to SE3, but they will take an order over the phone if you ask nicely.

    They were quick, considering the distance. They promised 45 minutes and arrived in 30.

    Have your oven pre-heated. That pizza's gone a bit cold on its journey from the Old Kent Road, but will quickly warm up again.

    And finally: it's a good job we like garlic. A lot. Because the garlic bread was garlicky and the pizza was too. Yum we say, but those with a hot date later in the evening or an important meeting the next morning may want to stay clear.