Greenwich Market

Heavens – it’ ALL happening!

Greenwich Council have UNANIMOUSLY REJECTED the plans for Greenwich Market – on a number of grounds – height, overdevelopment, traffic and that all-important, design quality.

I confess I am very surprised – but delighted too. Perhaps GHT can come up with something nice now. A GOOD design could really perk up the market – I am SO not against developing the space SYMPATHETICALLY – perhaps a truly boutique hotel rather than some giant monster, a plan that keeps the historic features, the traders that make the market what it is and the ‘feel’ f the place, just losing the nasty buildings (I know the 50s ones are ‘historic,’ but they’re not of much architectural merit, even the preservationist in me knows that…)

I know a lot of us didn’t have much faith in the council istening to people – but I am very pleased that they actually thought about this considered the views of residents and interested parties. I hope Greenwich Hospital will do the same now.

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