Faded Greenwich (5)

Siebert Road, SE3

BoneyBoy and Paul have kindly saved me the slog up Westcombe Hill to capture this piece of Faded Greenwich – being the laziest Phantom in the world I wasn’t much looking forward to it, despite its being one of the best examples of old painted advertising I know of round here.

Shame about the satellite dish – surely it could have been placed a few centimetres higher. Makes it hard to work out the first part of the mural. I spent quite some time trying to figure out the lettering; this is the best I can do:

Plumber & Decorator
Alterations & Repairs
Sanitary Goods of Every Description
Estimates Reg(?)

(Blank) Green 087

Maybe sharper eyes than mine can work out the details…

As usual I know nothing about Mr Holmes and his plumbing and decorating business – any clues will be gratefully received, as will other examples of faded and fading Greenwich.

2 Comments to “Faded Greenwich (5)”

  1. Nick says:

    As an amateur genealogist, I have access to old telephone directories. In the 1936 London directory, there is a C Holmes, Decorator, operating from 30 Bramshot Avenue, Charlton SE7, with the phone number GRE 1187. By 1940, he is still using the same number, but is now residing at 142 Canberra Road, Charlton. There are listings in later directories (up to the 1950's) for a C Holmes, Decorator, still in the Charlton area, but with a different number, so I can't be sure if it's the same one.

  2. The complete text of this ghost sign is:
    C. Holmes
    Plumber &
    Contractor For
    And Repairs
    Sanitary Work of Every Description
    Estimates Free
    Phone GREEN. 1187

    For more, visit http://paintedsignsandmosaics.blogspot.com/2011/09/holmes-plumber-decorator-greenwich.html

    I shall be looking forward to the next post on your fascinating blog.