Cobbled Concessions

I just saw the article in talking about a climbdown on the part of Greenwich Hospital Trust over the market’s cobbles and the Edwardian buildings in Durnford Street.

Apparently now the “much loved” (how patronising can GH get?) cobbles will now be saved and re-used in a ‘new configuration’ with granite sets. Um, weren’t they going to do that much anyway?

Even more depressing, the historic Durnford Street buildings, which were going to be demolished to make room for rubbish bins, will now be…

…demolished to make room for rubbish bins. Greenwich Hospital’s ‘concession’ is that they will ‘salvage’ the building materials, to be ‘donated’ for use within the World Heritage Site.

How the hell is this a concession?’ All it does is save Greenwich Hospital the cost of hiring a skip to take the rubble away.

Nothing has changed.

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