Stormy Sunday

I guess it looks a bit like some tired joke about black clouds over Britain’s bankers, but Stevie has sent me these more because of the godawful weather we’ve been having over the last few days.

He tells me that photographers actually like bad weather as it provides interesting lighting conditions. Personally I’ll swap ‘interesting’ for ‘boring’ lighting conditions any day. Perhaps that’s why I’m a rubbish photographer and always like it when people send me their good stuff…

Stevie’s been working towards becoming a professional photographer for some time now. I know nothing about photography, but I reckon he’s well on the way – just needs a break.
A vague thought is brewing at the back of my mind. I get sent all kinds of fantastic photos (and the odd art work) by local artists – I wonder – would there be room in the cutthroat world of Photography for a Phantom Greenwich Picture Library?

I have no idea how to set one up (I’m not talking Flickr here – more like a real online clearing-house where local artists and photographers could lodge their work for hire) but – well – how hard could it be?

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