Stolen Kit

Seems I wasn’t the only person suffering last week – though this one’s a bit more debilitating to Warren King’s job in the long run.

Warren’s one of Greenwich’s lovely photographers who sends me amazing shots I couldn’t dream of snapping. You may even have had one of his Greenwich calendars on your desk. Sadly this year’s calendar may be a little more difficult to create. He writes:

“Last Wednesday I had a break in at home in Mycenae Road and all my camera equipment was stolen. It is Nikon professional equipment and obviously, is my working gear. I was hoping you may be able to spread the news in the hope someone comes across it and also to warn people in the Westcombe Park area that this is happening quite a bit.

We have a downstairs flat and access was through a window at the front which is concealed from the road. Through the glaziers and the police I have been informed of two other such break-ins in the last couple of weeks. It is the holiday period and this happened during the day.

I have had police and forensics around but no prints were detected. A theory of a neighbour is that Wescombe Park station is used as a mode of escape as it is so near. I am going to contact Network Rail to see if they can scan their CCTV for the few hours I was gone last Wednesday. I am also in the process of contacting all the local camera shops and Cash Converters with the missing gear and serial numbers.”

The Phantom sympathises, though wishes you luck with Network Rail, Warren. In the past they have been somewhat less than helpful about anything that their users might want to talk to them about – from timetable changes to clearing paths. Allowing a member of the public to look at CCTV images might be construed as going soft on the enemy passengers.

But maybe you folks can keep an eye out for any top-range photographic equipment being offered at cheapo prices. And – keep the other eye on your own gear, will you? It may sound selfish but I can’t take those pics on my own…

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