When I said that I wanted to personally test all new local things, the National Pandemic Flu Service wasn’t really what I had in mind.

I’m guessing from the queues in the designated Greenwich Tamiflu pharmacy (in Trafalgar Road, I’m told, though since I obviously didn’t go myself, I don’t know which one) that I’m not the only one who has spent the last week discovering that Radio 4 sitcoms are just as unfunny as ever (though to be fair some of the doccos are great).

My Flu Friend had to visit the chemist twice, since the first time the user-end of the website was working, but the pharmacy-end wasn’t. The second time my lovely FF arrived there was a gaggle of gallant Flupals all waiting for the computer to go live.

In the event I don’t think the Tamiflu did much good, though it might have done if I’d started taking it a couple of days earlier.

After reading the original website where the government insisted that it all kicks off with a fever, I assumed that my sore throat was just an annoying summer cold, and only narrowly decided not to meet up with a two-weeks-to-go pregnant friend (I figured that even if it wasn’t Swine Flu she probably didn’t want to go into labour unable to scream.)

I have since found that loads of cases start with a sodding sore throat; the fever comes along later, just when you’ve probably infected a whole bunch more people. The government really needs to change the website so that ‘sore throat’ is a bit more prominent than seventh in the list of ‘Other Symptoms May Include…’ Folks – if you’ve got even the slightest twinge in your larynx, go to bed now.

Still – I’m on the mend. Huge thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes – I have a LOAD of mail waiting for me (I know – just when I’d started tackling the earlier build-up, too.)

The thing that bugs me most was that this weekend gone was one I most definitely wanted to be around for. All those Create events, for starters. I’m most peeved at missing the dominoes and that strange Charlton House promenade show. If you went to anything good this weekend, I’d love to see pictures…

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