Lemmon Road

I always thought you couldn’t beat Turnpin Lane for a weeny road in Greenwich. But this little cut-through, barely wide enough for two thin people to pass, beats it hands down.

What I love about it is that it has retained its name – presumably it was once wider – and calls itself a ‘road.’

Just off Maze Hill, you’d miss it if you weren’t actively looking for it, but if you walk down it (and ‘down’ you must walk – a series of steps past some green and a series of back gardens) then it does widen out a little. There are some modern houses through whose front gardens you have to walk – past garden sheds and soft tarmac with kiddies’ playground toys, past concrete boots with displays of petunias and sundry comedy signs, before eventually coming out at the north side of Maze Hill station. It’s a handy cut-through for pedestrians, though one to avoid if you have a wheelchair or a pram.

I always feel a bit odd walking through there – as though I’m traipsing through someone’s front yard – though this is most definitely a proper ‘road’ – albeit a mini one…

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