Just Say No

Dunno how many of you got this little shiny purple and white leaflet through the door this afternoon, but in case you’re even thinking about going to the latest King William IV Amazing Credit Crunch Clearance Sale – just don’t, okay.

This scam happens about twice a year. They post leaflets through local doors advertising a marvellous cash-only sale of incredible deals – ipods for eight quid, washer-dryers for forty-five – that sort of thing. The leaflets go out after the Trading Standards guys have packed up for the weekend, they make gullible people queue outside the pub just before 2.00pm, then let them in for ten minutes and fleece them.

There are those that said, when I mentioned this before, that if you’re greedy and/or stupid enough to fall for such an obvious scam you’ve got it coming to you – but that’s not a valid reason not to at least put a warning up here. People new to the area are often caught on this one and until Trading Standards catch up with these individuals, all I can say is – this is NOT the real deal.
I’ve scanned the leaflet for your enjoyment. Once you start reading between the lines, there is a ‘between’ for every line…

One Comment to “Just Say No”

  1. Francis says:

    I knew it! Thanks for scanning the page in.