Faded Greenwich (3)

Trafalgar Road, SE10

Thanks to Dazza, we can still (just about) see the writing above a accommodation agency in Trafalgar Road, though exactly whose store this was, that sold Boots and Shoes, “Hardwearing Goods of Various Descriptions,” “Hobnailed Goods” and “Clogs in Great Variety” is now a mystery. Perhaps there are some old photos that show this otherwise rather unexciting stretch of Trafalgar Road in busier times…

One Comment to “Faded Greenwich (3)”

  1. Nick Martin says:

    In 1911, number 117 Trafalgar Road (I had to use Google Street View to find the house number) was occupied by a Harmann & Teda Kaiser, who were both born in Germany, but they were both in their 60′s. Their two sons (both born in Woolwich) Herman & Theodore seem to be running the shop, with Herman a boot & shoe repairer, and Theodore a ‘general assistant’.