Dominoes and Drama

Still mooning around in a vacantly poorly-ish fashion, I have been cheered up by Maggie and an anonymous pal, who have sent me some pics of two of the events I was particularly gutted to miss this weekend.

First, those dominoes. I understand it was an event to mark the Olympics coming to London (what isn’t these days?) which was a giant line of tumbling breeze blocks that snaked its way through the Olympic boroughs, ending up at the Old Royal Naval College on Sunday evening (no – I don’t know how they crossed the river – foot tunnel?)

According to Maggie it was quite an eyeful.

“Words cannot describe the oddity of it all. It involved blocks being built up, taken down, people being bricked in, bricked out, a little nudity, some humour, no words but some wordless singing (a la Philip Glass) and a good end when the bloke who was undergoing a cruel and unusual punishment by having to stand, arms in the air, on top of a brick staircase, holding up an arch, gave a great shout and hurled it all down.”

You think that’s bonkers? According to my anonymous friend, The Visit, at Charlton House, a promenade production that was going on at various times on Sunday, made the domino event look positively sane. Now let’s see if I can get this straight.

From what I can tell from a rather garbled account, there was a naughty prince who was being eyed up by werewolves as lunch, but he wasn’t educated and didn’t eat healthily enough to be tasty.

So the werewolves told him the cautionary tale of a boy who fell off the edge of the world because he couldn’t read French and then put him on a reality TV show to learn how to cook and fight because heroic princes taste better.

Then he went to their den which was full of shoes and he realised they wanted to eat him and a girl from the audience saved the day.

I think you needed to be there.

I’m really fed up I didn’t make these two very strange pieces of art. I’m told they were great fun. But thanks to you both for sending me pics at least…

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