Charlton Lido

Toby asks:

“I wondered whether you knew what was happening to Charlton Lido. We spent a lovely day there on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in 2007 (perhaps 2006) and have been keen to return. Last year, I discovered that it was closed but the Greenwich Council website reported that it was being developed as a Diving Centre.

Looking again to see whether it had re-opened, I discover that, 1984-style, it seems to have been excised from history. The relevant pages on both Greenwich Council and Greenwich Leisure’s website lead nowhere. There are some oblique references in Council minutes in 2008 – including a spirited defence by the Council for not running a public consultation on its future – but otherwise it seems to have disappeared. It all makes me rather suspicious.”

The Phantom replies:

You’re right, Toby, in that it’s hard to find out information about the chequered fortunes of the 1939 lido – the council page is broken – but, happily, wrong that the place is dead. It took a bit of snaffling out, but a lease has been signed between the council and a private company, Open Waters (who don’t seem to have a website, which seems a bit odd in this day and age.)

There is an article about it here but the gist is that

“when complete, the four-storey dive centre will have a 22m-deep, 25m-dive pool, a gym, treatment rooms, exercise studios and a crèche. It will also include a restaurant, bar, conference facilities, and a sports retail area with a dive shop that will link with the lido. The lido will be refurbished and will retain all its current facilities.”

My one thought, looking at that list, then looking at the picture, is – how on earth will they fit all that into that area? But hey – I’m sure the council have it all in hand and they won’t be encroaching on the park…
It looks as though it will be open all year, so get larded-up for those chilly Christmas Morning swims – Serpentine eat your heart out…
Slightly worried that the article was written last year, and that when I went there to check the place was locked up with some scary-looking modern razor-wire stuff all round it (apparently the vandalism around there is punishing) I sent out some emails.

I understand from someone who doesn’t want to be named that the lease has been signed, an understanding has been reached and that they will be on site soon. Because it will be a bit late in the season, they’ve decided not to open it this year.

So – cautiously optimistic, and not entirely mothballing my stripey one-piece, armbands and rubber ring, I’ll be keeping an eye on this…

2 Comments to “Charlton Lido”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have there been any updates on when the Lido may re-open? I haven't seen any updates on the council website for a while.

  2. Vince says:

    THe council report that the Lido will reopen on July 24th

    About bloody time! It’s been perfect lido weather and the thing’s been closed for nearly 2 years. It’s such a superb summer facility yet the council have been shockingly negligent in looking after it/making it avaibable to the public.