Bye, Bye Benedict

Today, if memory serves, is the day we have to say ‘so long’ to one of the Phantom’s longest-running commenters, contributors and photographers, Benedict. Over the very-nearly three years I’ve been blogging, Benedict has been making suggestions and comments, wading in to the discussions and, above all, sending some fantastic pictures to me (hell – I’m pretty sure he was even with me when I was at LiveJournal…)

He and Mrs Benedict are off to Canada for a new life and although I’m sure he’ll be visiting occasionally – that’s what Cyberworlds are for – I’m not expecting quite so many chirpy comments and emails from him from now on.

So today, I thought I’d show you a random selection of Greenwich pics that Benedict’s sent me over the years and I haven’t thus far had the opportunity to use.

The one above is in Greenwich Park, in the Pinetum at the top, he can’t tell if it’s a Chinese Handkerchief tree or something else, but it does remind me of the one I saw full decorated for Christmas last year…

Below is a fine example of Modern Art on the Peninsula…

I could never find a reason to use this pic (though strangely, I may have in the next day or so…) but the lighting was so great I have to include it here:

The fabulous almshouses in South Street:

And an example of his great eye for the absurd – the Junk Shop becomes a cake shop for no special reason:

I still have a few Benedict-pics, that I’m saving for other days, but for now,

Bye, bye – and good luck, Benedict. Don’t be a stranger now…

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