Book Club

Another one that really should be on the Parish News but I’m bumping onto here as time’s short…

Kirstie has been looking for a book group to join, and since she hasn’t found one (other than Waterstone’s) she’s decided to have a go at setting one up herself. She says:

“I still don’t know Greenwich that well, so am going to hold the first one at Starbucks on Thursday 6th August, from 6.30pm – 8pm. If it works, then I’ll do another one a month later and am open to suggestions for locations / dates / times etc.

As for the actual book – I am currently reading The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo so thought that would be a good one to start with.”

If you fancy joining Kirstie, get in touch with her by emailing me – I’ll forward replies on to her…

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