Ship Builders – Ahoy!

Today I have a request. Not from me but from David Ramzan, who, if you recall, has written several books on Greenwich and Charlton (check him out in the Book Reviews section…)

His latest venture is about three ships built in the area – the East Indiaman Princess Louisa built at Deptford in 1733, the Halloween, a clipper built on Greenwich Marsh in 1871 and the frigate HMS Dolphin built in Woolwich 1751.

David has a huge amount of facts about these three, but the thing that makes his books so very readable is the human element – the memories and the anecdotes.

Now, of course, if anyone here actually remembers any of these three being built they probably can’t see their reflection in the mirror and find themselves followed around by small black dogs, but what David Ramzan is looking for is family history nuts who may have discovered ancestors who worked at those three docks – or even on these specific ships.

If you can hep, he’d love to hear from you – contact him here.

For those of you who are wondering what the hell today’s photos have to do with the above, you’re right. Bugger-all. But they were sent to me last week by Sue, and are of a Maltese-registered cruise liner called something like the Marazana (though I can’t find it listed under that name…) and I needed an excuse to use them…

Next visit of a cruise ship, btw, is, according to the magnificent IanVisits Silver Cloud. He says it was going all the way up to the Embankment – if it’s anything like the size of this one that’ll be a nice trick if they can do it…

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