Pants On Fire

Did anyone hear that interview on the Today programme this morning, with Bob Crow and the Mayor? Sadly they were not interviewed together, which I’d have really enjoyed.

Management claim that today’s strike is down to two sacked workers; Crow swears that it isn’t and never has been about that, that there was a deal on the table that either he had signed or was about to sign when a mysterious telephone call saw said agreement whipped away from under his nose.

The only thing that we can be certain of here is that Someone Is Lying. And I find it bizarre that whichever side that is, it must be a blatant lie. An easily revealed lie, surely?

Either there was a deal (and now isn’t) or there wasn’t. Either the two sacked workers were part of the dispute or they weren’t. Both sides seem to think they’re still in the playground, while the rest of us are stuck searching for bus routes and cycling maps.

It doesn’t help that Bob Crow has to be one of the least sympathetic characters on the London political stage just now (and let’s face it, there are so many candidates for that ‘accolade’) but he sounded so indignant this morning I nearly believed him.

Whoever’s lying, it should be reasonably easy to resolve – that contract Bob Crow says he was willing to sign at 6.00pm just needs to be found and signed now. And if it can’t be produced…

If you can’t get in today and are stuck for something to do, try amusing yourself with Darryl’s entertaining drinking game.

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