Kid-Free Festival

Daniel asks:

“Should I be as pissed off as I am that children have to pay full price for the Greenwich Beer and Jazz festival? I was really looking forward to a lazy Saturday afternoon with my family and some friends – but having to pay full price for my pair of four year-olds, and our friends’ children seems a little excessive.

Now if they were students or OAPs they would get a pound off!”

I can only think of one reason why kiddies will be expected to pay the same as adults – that it’s a way of limiting the amount of children that will be at what, despite its being held outdoors, is essentially an adult event.

Now – it makes no odds to me. I went last year for curiosity’s sake but I won’t be doing it again. I’m sure its great for real ale enthusiasts, but it’s no fun for people who don’t drink beer – there are better events for children and Phantoms. My suggestion would be the shindigs at the Greenwich and Docklands Festival, many of which are family friendly – see you there.

But hey. That’s my reading of the pricing policy. Is it correct? I don’t know. Is it right? You tell me. But since last year, if memory serves, sold out, it’s a seller’s market. You organises the festival, you takes your choice as to whether you can afford to lose the family market.

Oh hell. I have a horrid feeling I have just opened the Floodgates of Flame.

Play nicely with the other folks, now…

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