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Scared of Chives has just sent me a website where you can moan about something street-related in your area and they’ll pass it onto the council for you.

Fix My Street is aimed at those irritating things that make life a little more annoying – loose paving stones, dumped mattresses, duff streetlights etc. If you type in “SE10,” you’ll see a lot of the like, usually with a little note saying how many minutes it took Fix My Street to alert the council about the issue.

Thing is, I’ve found it takes the same few minutes to alert Cleansweep directly, and, as far as I can see from Fix My Street’s SE10 entries (which mainly seem to be on the Peninsula, for some reason) they have about the same level of success as I’ve had with direct contact. Some things are fixed, some are ignored, some are old, some are ongoing. Fix My Street alert the council – but don’t, as far as I can see, follow anything up – it’s up to the individual concerned. So if that’s the case – why not just cut out the middle-site and go straight to the council?

I guess it’s another thorn in the council’s side, and a slightly more public one than an email to Cleansweep. And perhaps the reason why most of the alerts seem to be on the peninsula is that Cleansweep tends to be open during office hours when most of the people in MV are at work, and at least a website never closes (though an email is eventually sent into exactly the same ether…)

Has anyone used Fix My Street and found it to be more effective than the Council’s own alert-system? I am prepared to hear that it’s brilliant – in which case I’ll add it to the links section…

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