Greenwich Wildlife (6)

We haven’t had any Greenwich Wildlife for ages – I guess it’s been so cold and miserable that everything’s been hiding. Or maybe we’ve all been too miserable to notice anything.

Roger was just coming out of the public loos in Greenwich Park (you really needed to know that, didn’t you…) and spotted this little fellow, which Roger tells me is a Long Tailed Tit. I have to take his word for it, as I know next to nothing about Greenwich’s bird population. The shot’s a bit fuzzy as Roger (for fairly obvious reasons) didn’t have his camera to hand at the time and had to fumble about for it. Apparently this species of tit is quite rare in these parts (no obvious gags, now, guys.)
I checked in my ever-reliable A D Webster, who waxes lyrical about flora and fauna in Greenwich Park, and just over 100 years ago, four types of tit were common – the great, blue, marsh and long-tailed variety.
Webster lived in the Gingerbread House at Blackheath Gate (also more prosaically known as The Blackheath Gate Lodge) and says “In my own garden I once saw a flock of long-tailed tits (Paris caudatus) where they remained for several hours…”
Roger didn’t hang around the Gents for several hours (ahem), but he assures me he saw around half a dozen in the bushes foraging for insects.
Nice to know that some of our wildlife is constant…
More Greenwich Flora and Fauna another day. Let me know if you see something rare (and no – Nick Raynsford actually speaking in parliament doesn’t count…)

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