Food For Free

The title, of course, being that of the legendary food-foraging book by Richard Mabey, which I noticed recently has had a makeover with funky pictures and a new format. Ever since well before the credit crunch people have been rediscovering their roots and berries in the hedgerows round here. I was impressed by The London Forager last year but now the skill is becoming a bit more organised.

Transition Westcombe, a group I still don’t quite ‘get,’ but always seems like A Good Thing, is organising a Wild Food Foraging Walk this Sunday 14th June at 2.00pm (maybe they’ll bump into Ross MacFarlane’s Medical London walk and become a foraging posse…)

I’ve already done my own foraging for June – and made some splendid-though-I-say-so-myself-who-shouldn’t Elderflower Cordial (I’d have made Elderfower Champagne too but I had some last year and it tasted like alcoholic cat-piss.)

The above recipe was really easy to follow; the hardest thing to find wasn’t the elderflowers, but the citric acid. Apparently drug dealers buy up bags of it to cut into sundry narcotics and many chemists refuse to sell it any more. I finally found it at a health food shop.

I don’t know what all this rain is going to do to those wonderful thick cream curds of blossom, but if you can find some relatively undamaged blooms, start collecting those bottles now…

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